The Arc FM Difference

  • M&A

Taking the diligence process beyond financial and legal review - we have found that maximum and enduring returns stem from developing a robust case-by-case understanding of the pre-merger conditions and cultures of each entity and likely post-merger attitudes and responses of the executive teams, employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and competition. Our experience in particular industries will help assess the value potential from rationalisation and leverage of operations and overheads, while determining the realistic level of synergy, tangible IP and market growth potential. Moving forward decisively and to schedule.

Providing guidance to

  • create a sound platform and commitment
  • provide internal and external clarity of integration strategy
  • allow positive cross pollination
  • communicate and expedite changes and action
  • maximise key stakeholder acceptance
  • monitor and validate outcomes

being paramount to avoid disappointing returns from the capital outlaid.

First transaction? Disappointing or difficult to gauge endurance of previous M&A returns? Arc FM provides the framework to facilitate greater success with transactions.



Further to shorter term restructuring of debt, working capital repairs and commercial arrangements - the risk of repeating the process down the track will be mitigated via root cause analysis, introducing and following appropriately significant structural changes. Outside involvement allows for some more pragmatic input to change, where sentimentality may not take the complete steps required to pilot through the J-Curve. 

Charting tools such as multi-segmented income and cash-flow statements and inter-segment strategic economics help to clearly identify the sectors positive or negative towards future performance. Facilitating a thorough review of processes will re-affirm those that add value, in contrast to any procedural scar tissue that needs to be removed. We know that survival depends on growing from a lean but stable foundation with ongoing working capital discipline and ensuring stakeholders are positively re-engaged. Arc FM is a member of the Turnaround Management Association.

Looking to reach a new robust business model more quickly and sustainably?


Whether for financial, customer or operational metrics, risk management overview, quality and safety programs, IT/ERP efficacy or commercial and technical scrutiny of suppliers - periodic additional qualified external scrutiny will help with focus and management of these crucial areas.

The Arc FM approach is to involve key managers, survey the current situation then develop an efficient and effective tailored program; drawn from a number of well recognised principles that eliminate waste of time, effort and materials. Improvements are documented and passed on in a way to assure that positive outcomes can be sustained in-house and value gains readily validated.

Scope includes understanding the new workplace health and safety legislation to guide due diligence for risk and safety programs that are both effective and defensible.

Our productivity and efficiency improvement programs review process value, overhead thresholds and alignment of enterprise knowledge and purpose across all departments. It also covers relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. Spending sufficient time to regularly identify and remove redundant procedures can seem difficult in larger organisations. Taking the initiative to engage an experienced external facilitator to focus on structure, efficiency and expediting agreed changes, unlocks more time to be dedicated to the most positive, effective and valuable processes and tasks.

If required, ready-reckoner productivity KPI's specific to each business, typically drawn from existing data, can be developed to quickly highlight trends and track long term improvements. The framework provides for a fresh productivity routine that broadens the 80:20 effort principle and promotes 'displacement' ahead of 'replacement'. It offers greater foresight and resilience with strategic succession planning for key staff, products, equipment, customers, markets, systems and procedures; steering away from a risky and disruptive reactive routine.


Value Proposition and Case Studies

Going beyond your initial thoughts of being able to 'get by' with current resources to solve a major issue or assure maximum transaction value - we have a number of real world case studies that demonstrate the significant value and business case for appointing an appropriately experienced facilitator or advisor.

Boards - are you looking for specific advice on any of the above in order to strengthen procedural oversight? You may be concerned with accepting some information on face value where specific executive capability or capacity is limited for a particular strategic initiative, merger or restructure.

Significant multiples of financial value and other benefits can be derived from ensuring continued business momentum. Market and employee relationships are at risk if a merger or turnaround is not expedited smoothly.


Merger and acquisition integration value Time to expedite value TMA member Oil and gas experience Construction experience Resource industry experience - mining Water industry experience









For post-merger integrations, restructures and development projects - a better return on capital results from utilising a concentration of experienced project oversight. Arc FM's professional business management model is backed by successful completion of similar assignments in various industries and the ability to work with boards, business owners or executive teams to facilitate target outcomes. Some executive teams may lack experience with managing major changes and even those who have experience often struggle to dedicate sufficient time and focus in conjunction with their ongoing leadership and management responsibilities.

The details of previous cases covering M&A/PMI, restructure, turnaround, productivity and expansion can be shared as relevant to your own situation.