Precision business engagement

Management Consulting, Board Advisory Services, M&A PMI, Restructure, Turnaround


A valuable partner when you require a highly experienced, practical and effective strategic advisor or facilitator on a project, contingency or periodic basis.


Drawing on extensive insight and successful global experience to provide a sound approach to facilitate the best outcomes and added value for M&A diligence and integrations, restructures, turnarounds, operational productivity and business growth.



Executive and board performance


Understanding and applying what has proven to work.

A range of different circumstances for previous successful merger integrations and turnarounds - such as size, culture, condition, market position, total capabilities and location of operations - allows for a quick and pivotal understanding of the key parameters to generate excellent results for each project.


Industries previously covered include mineral, oil & gas, water & wastewater and food processing, construction, energy, steel fabrication, equipment manufacturing and technical service.



What We Do

  • M&A diligence and integration focused on maximising transaction value
  • Sustainable restructure, turnaround and restoration
  • Periodic strategic management advice 
  • Business development, operational rationalisation and productivity
  • Employee engagement and industrial relations
  • Risk, IP, quality and safety diligence
  • Technical and commercial supply chain scrutiny and strategic expediting
  • Bridging multiple international business cultures
  • Experienced board director, sub-committee and advisory candidate, GAICD


Precision engagement